Who We Are

At Professional Perks, we’re reworking the formula for happiness, one incredible perk at a time.


Our mission is to make the world a great place to be; to delight and motivate your employees and to make your life wonderful.

Professional Perks for Business

At Professional Perks, we believe that culture is a company’s most important asset, plain and simple. When your culture is at its best, your people are motivated, and employee engagement is at its best.

And what do motivated and engaged employees do for an organization?

They excel at their work, they reach and exceed their goals, and they help make a business great!

It’s true; by investing in your company culture today, you peak your profit potential in the future, which is why at Professional Perks we’re passionate about making your company a place your employees love to be!

Professional Perks for You

Looking for a Professional Perks Individual Membership? We get it! Because we believe that an amazing lifestyle is the key to a great life.

That’s why we’ve put together our Individual Membership packages, so professionals just like you can reward themselves with the ultimate perks.

At Professional Perks we’re dedicated to helping you live the life of your dreams at prices you’ll love.


When you become a member of Professional Perks, you receive all the benefits of one of the most aggressive perks programs available today with over 200,000+ discounts nationwide, and exclusive member-only giveaways.